Wismar: What To Do In A One Day Trip?

On my trip to North Germany, I decided to visit Wismar. To my surprise, it turned out to be one of those undiscovered gems. The city has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There are so many things to explore in one day. Check out what all you can do on your one day visit to this city.





Start your day with a great breakfast. Visit a café at the town center. The smell of coffee will make your day. Choose the dish that you like. Cheese and meat lovers will have a time of their life since there are restaurants that serve delectable dishes. However, make sure that you leave some space for the incredible cakes.

After this visit the Schabbelhaus, the Renaissance building. It was known to house a brewery at a point of time. Here, I got to learn about the 800-year-old history of the city. When you have enriched yourself, visit the old town’s St. Nikolai Church. This came out of the Second World War completely undamaged; the high altar of the church was something I haven’t seen before.


Grab a fishy lunch at a restaurant. Have a smoked fish with horseradish dip and bread. Then set out on your adventure to explore the old town. Visit the market square. It is a popular gathering place for tourists and locals alike. Do not forget to visit the Classic Town Hall. End the trip with St. Marien site. This is a museum showcasing the medieval architecture.


You will find some good breweries serving great beer. If you are visiting in summer, some of the restaurants will entertain you with live music. I simply love this one day trip to this city.

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