Yarmouth: Escape To The Seaside

Yarmouth is a beautiful place to spend your weekend. There are so many attractions for the tourists. Tourists are going to have a great time. The natural beauty and the fresh seafood surely took my heart away. Take a look at a few things to do when you are in Yarmouth.

  • Rudder’s Restaurant

The city is famous for its fresh seafood. I loved the fish dishes that they served. If this isn’t enough, enjoy some freshly brewed beer. They have a large patio, especially for the summer. It overlooks a marina and offers a great view.

  • Adventures Lobster Bay Culinary

To boil a perfect lobster can be challenging. It requires knowledge and skill. To best place to learn this is the Argyler Cooking Lodge. Take a walk through the private garden that they have. Build fire and cook some delicious lobster in the garden. I tasted some of the best lobster here.

  • Sip Café

Want to relax and unwind? Visit this café and sip on a fresh cup of tea or the special coffee that they serve. I saw that the menu consists of different teas to select from. Each and every one of them has some specific benefits. Apart from tea, they also serve some soups and wraps.

  • Heritage walking tour

If you want to walk through the city and want to explore its beauties at your own pace, the vast history of the city will interest history buffs. There is a large port and building with a different design. I came to learn that these are mainly there because of the different nationalities of the sailors.

  • Cape Forchu Lighthouse

Do not miss out on the apple core like a lighthouse. The fishing villages close to the lighthouse is still known to use the lighthouse. Learn about the history at the information center.

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